Fitness Club


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THE ENTENTE Fitness Club

The Entente Fitness Club is more than just an international sports club. We strive to provide our members with a prestigious social venue where they can interact with people from other cultures and all walks of life. We are committed to the satisfaction of our international members who want to experience a quality lifestyle by providing a wide variety of social events and gatherings.

Workout Gym

The workout gym has wide range of fitness equipment, cardio machine to free weights. If you have any training requests or questions, we have expertise that will support your goal and help you achieve them. The gym is also well equipped for personal training; meeting the needs of athletes who have a serious focus on training.

Weight stack machine

Weight stack machine from HOIST Fitness Company that supports American Fitness club. This machine has special license on base of human engineering. When you use the machine, the chair will move so it will lighten the pressure against your joints. Wide area of age group will be able to use the machine safely.

Cardio Machine

In the Cardio area, there are exercise bikes that Greg LeMond, road racing cyclist that goaled Tour de France many times, and HOIST Fitness Company produced together. The machine will adjust to every individual. You can experience more effective training and feel as you are actually riding the bike outside.

Also, PRECOR Company’s cross trainer put human movement into science and prevent from high impact on the joints. They have a patent on the machine. Smooth aerobic training is possible because of this.

Free weight

Free weight area is wide enough to fit up to 10 people at once. There are power rack, 3 types of bench press, PTS EN3 (Personal Training System), and other strength training.


This machine specializes at dumbbell training. The machine corrects your form to prevent from injury. Dual Action Smith is a multi training machine that moves 360 degrees and 23 ways of cable adjustment is possible. You will be able to gain proper form for all training by using this machine.

Swimming Pool

Natural daylight streams in through the ceiling, making the pool a great place to relax. Saunas, mist saunas, and Jacuzzis are also available. Visit the pool to work off everyday stresses or to cool down after a training session. Lesson programs are available for enhancing your skills, and lanes are set aside for serious swimming.


After your exercise, ease fatigue with soothing massage bubbles from the Jacuzzi.

Steam sauna

Our mist sauna adjusted at low temperatures brings on a moisturizing effect that will ease your tension and fatigue.

Sauna and cold pool

Sweating it out in the sauna activates your metabolism and removes excess fat and clogs in skin pores which helps to eliminate waste matter and toxins from the system. The detox effect can prove very beneficial.

Aerobic Studio

In addition to popular classes such as yoga and pilates, the aerobics studio has a varied program that includes aerobics classes, hip hop dance, and many other activities. Attentive instructors guide beginners to help them to make the best use of the studio.

Squash Courts

Squash is a racquet sport that originated in the UK. There are only a few squash facilities in the Kansai region, so the two courts here are a valuable resource. Lessons and available and hitting partners can be arranged, catering to all levels from beginners to advanced players. The courts have been used for international competitions, and there are club-hosted tournaments.

Tennis Courts

Two tennis courts have clear views of Mount Rokko, and feel open and unrestricted. There is also a separate practice wall. Instructors are available to provide lessons, hitting partners can be arranged, and there are tennis circles providing the opportunity to play other members.

Golf Range

It is a fully-private space. Practice mode, repeat mode, and round play are available for children to adults. You can relax and enjoy the golf range. We also have courses for intermediate player. The machine will calculate the length, angle of the face of the club, spin of the ball, and also can replay your form on the clip. If you like to skill up, we have private coaches available.

Locker Room

Toiletries such as towels and skin and hair tonics are available in the locker room. Rental goods such as shoes and training attire are available at a nominal charge.