New Golf Simulator /ゴルフシュミレーター導入

投稿日時: 2014/06/20 投稿者:

On the 7th of June, 2014, a new state-of-the-art Golfing Simulator was installed in The Entente.

The newly-installed simulator measures the distance travelled by the ball, its direction, spin, the angle of contact with the clubface and more in order to help you improve your golfing technique. Also, you can review your own swing using the built-in camera making it possible to develop your form even further.

Other features include repeat mode and the 9-hole round mode, which both provide an even more realistic golfing experience.

※Repeat mode allows you play the same shot of your choice from any part of the available courses as many times as you wish. For example, practice hitting on to the green from a distance of 30 yards etc.

We invite all members to try the new Golf Simulator at least once and experience the difference!








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