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THE ENTENTE Fitness Club (Hereafter EFC) will strive to protect the private information of members, customers and other people concerned in order to manage the club based on the following fundamental policy.

Observation of the law and ordinance

EFC shall comply with laws and guidelines related to private information protection including “the law concerned with private information protection”.

Acquisition of private information

In the case EFC procures private information from members, customers and other concerned parties, EFC shall acquire that private information by appropriate and fair methods.

Supervision of private information

EFC shall strive to maintain any acquired private information appropriately and protect that private information by adopting preventive and safety measures against illegal access, loss, destruction and disclosure.

Use of private information

In the case EFC uses private information of members, customers and others concerned, EFC shall utilize that private information only within the necessary range for conducting businesses.

Our website uses Google Analytics for the purpose of evaluating your use of our website. The information generated by the first party cookie about your use of our website will be transmitted to and stored / analyzed by Google, Inc. Any information gathered by our use of cookies is compiled on an aggregate, anonymous basis.

Disclosure and revision of private information

In the case someone requests disclosure, revision, discontinue of use, and deletion of his or her information, EFC shall react promptly.

Information provision to a third party

Excluding the cases where EFC is authorized by the person himself or herself, or required by ordinance or law, EFC shall not provide or disclose the acquired private information to a third party except to entrusted companies or persons.

Continued revision of company structure

In order to continue to effectively undertake appropriate use of private information, EFC shall endeavor to constantly carry out calibrations and revisions regarding stipulations that handle private information, as well as the organizational structure that manages that private information.

Designated place to exchange information regarding privacy policy

The following person at EFC will deal with your queries and suggestions related to privacy policy.

THE ENTENTE Fitness Club
Club manager: Takeshi Kikuzawa

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